LoRa Endpoints

LoRa Liquid Leak Detector with Rope

Sensor Up to 15-meter rope that detects leaks

The Liquid Leak Detector with Rope Sensor is an endpoint from Khomp’s IoT line that automatically detects the presence of unwanted leaks in machine rooms, offices, data centers, or any other scenario that may be affected by unwanted leaks.

Its architecture features an innovative cable system that extends up to 15 meters for comprehensive sensing and can follow various pipelines. If leaks are detected, the technology sends the data to the gateway, which then activates a pre-configured setting, such as sounding alarms or sending notifications directly to the responsible person’s mobile phone.

The Liquid Leak Detector with Rope Sensor consists of the NIT/NIR Transmitter and Repeater + Sensor Cable (KWS-3003).



  • 3 meter cable (unity). Connection capacity of up to 5 in sequence
  • Support for 2 strings on each dry contact port
  • Ideal for following pipes or monitoring large spaces
  • LoRaWAN connectivity


Application Model