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New technologies, such as IoT, are in a constant process of maturation in the marketplace. Below, we highlight some sources of content so that you can learn about and become a specialist in the technology.

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The main pillars of an IoT network are hardware (the physical part of the network), software (the platform and intelligence used to configure the communication protocols (the way the collected data will be sent).

LoRa devices are suitable for large scenarios, such as public areas or agricultural fields, that require a long communication range with the main gateway.

IEEE 802.15.4 (Zigbee) devices are suitable for short and medium spaces, such as home and office hubs.

IoT Mobile devices follow the same logic as smartphones: the range/coverage area of the device will vary according to the chosen operator.

IoT extensions are used to extend the functions of endpoints. When used in conjunction with the other devices on the line, the extensions are able to create a complete measurement network that makes it possible to capture data on electric current, soil temperature/humidity, actuators with relays and binary contacts in real time.

IoT Standalone Sensors, or ITS, are devices designed based on the concept of self-sufficiency, that is, they are able to collect and transmit data from the monitored environment, playing the role of endpoints and gateways at the same time.

With ITS, communication with the cloud is carried out by the MQTT protocol, responsible for storing the information collected by the sensors and transmitting them using the GSM 3G data network.

Training and Webinars

From basic to advanced. The Khomp Academy, our educational team, has provided some trainings that are free of charge on YouTube that addresses concepts, configuration and devices, applicability and implementation in different scenarios. Check it out!

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