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Find out how you can offer your clients free calls with the UMG Callback App

UMG callback app

In order to help reduce telephony charges, Khomp is offering a new resource in its gateways line, the UMG Callback App. Check out how this application in a user’s mobile phone can centralize and significantly reduce your company’s costs with cellular telephony.

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The Callback App

The Callback App is ideal for companies that have a wide range of functions or clients and need to establish easy, cost effective communications.

It’s a resource that allows you to use your telephone exchange or UMG gateway to make calls from an application request, made by the user. “This process makes it possible for the user to make telephone calls without using credits with the result being economic savings for the company,” states Rafael Nahid, Khomp Pre-sales technical consultant.

When you make a call using your mobile phone chip, it costs more, especially when the called number’s carrier is from a different carrier than yours. The UMG Callback App has a function that reduces charges or establishes a zero cost when the calls are made through the same carrier.

A logistics company that needs to offer support to drivers on the road or a hotel that wants to offer an additional service exclusively to its guests are two examples of how the Callback App can be used.


How does the UMG Callback App work?

Imagine that an employee or a client needs to make a telephone call. He or she opens the Callback App in a cellular phone to display the call dialer and enters the desired number.

With this action, the application sends a request for a call to the UMG gateway, using the cell phone’s Internet connection. This request communicates the telephone number of the dialer and the telephone number that he or she wants to be connected to.

The UMG gateway process the request and consults the numbers entered in its base. In this way, it verifies which carrier is ideal for making that call, through lowest cost routing data that is pre-configured in the UMG by the administrator, and selects the appropriate routing for completing the call. Then the UMG makes a call to the originating unit (the user that requested the call) and to the destination number, and establishes a connection between the two.

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“Previously, we had to find out what the carrier of the called number was in order to identify which routing should be used. By using this app, we only need to enter the name of the contact to be called and the UMG gateway will automatically select the best route so that the charges will be reduced or will be zero,” points out Nahid.

And it’s very simple for the user to begin using the application. It’s available as a free download on Android or iOS smartphones. After downloading the app, the UMG administrator only needs to send the user a serial number and a PIN code so that he or she can register the UMG gateway in the application and configure it.


Would you like to know more?

The Callback App is available exclusively in the Khomp UMG media gateways line, starting with version 3.0.33, which was released in February of 2019.

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