Por Raquel Cruz Xavier


The Bellinati Perez Group reduces in 20% its telephony costs.

Solution adds intelligence, control and security to its voice network.

With 20 years of experience and its own team, with more than two thousand collaborators, the Bellinati Perez Group has dozens of offices across the country, encompassing a law firm, specialized in several branches of the Law, a debt collection company with operations in the area of friendly credit recovery, and an investment company, in addition to a corporate education center.

The group has a self-developed operational and business management platform, which is composed of large-scale digital telephony systems, connectivity links and infrastructure equipment for the system, as well as redundant network.

Searching for new technologies in order to allow for a decrease in telephony costs and an increase in quality and management of calls in its operation, the Bellinati Group invested in a new telephony platform, Khomp Media Gateway, with high call processing capacity.

Before the KMG deployment, the structure was decentralized into several devices and suffered frequent telephony equipment crashes and failures, leading to tangible and intangible financial losses, in addition to undermining the credibility of its telecom area in face of the other business areas.

Previous topology

With KMG 3200 VG, the Bellinati Group began operating with 28 E1/T1 links and 450 SIP trunks, with a total volume of 1290 simultaneous calls, providing a capacity for almost 20 million minutes/month. This way, all calls now can be managed through a single platform, which allows for smarter routing, optimization of links with carriers, increased control and distribution of calls integrated to automatic dialing solutions, automatic overflow and fallback based in specific causes for non-answering, and real-time monitoring.

The security level in its SIP connections also gained an important ally, the SBC (Session Board Controller) product, which is part of the KMG 3200 VG gateway and operates during every call, offering a series of protection instances against intrusion attempts and wrong dialings, allowing for the communication through different networks with no concern for security.

New topology with KMG 3200 VG

The adoption of KMG provided a monthly reduction of approximately 20% in the telephony bill, providing full ROI in only two months. Another benefit was the simplification of the operation scalability actions observed by the company telecom area.

“Khomp is a benchmark in the industry. Since the first contact, with the commercial department, we were well taken care of. During implementation too. The support service is excellent, always helpful and agile, and fantastic to this day”, says the Technology Superintendent, Mateus Casanova Pereira.

With the results obtained, the Bellinati Group now is in preparation for expanding its network during the current year.

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