UMG Server Modular PRO

High performance server with integrated UMG Modular gateway


The UMG Server Modular PRO is an appliance composed of a modular media gateway (UMG Modular 300 Inside) — which can be assembled using different telephony interfaces — and a server with a dedicated motherboard for the installation of any Windows- or Linux-based platform. It was developed the same way as the UMG Server Modular, but its host has greater processing capacity to meet the demands of more robust applications. Another of its characteristics is the possibility to mix and match processing capacity and data storage options according to the solution to be used.

The UMG Server Modular PRO includes RAM memory that can be up to 16 GB and four SATA ports for connecting 2.5” SSDs or HDs with up to 500 GB each. You can choose 3 modular telephony interfaces among E1/T1, FXS, FXO and 3G, as well as SIP for call conversion and routing.

The UMG Server Modular PRO architecture allows you to develop an end-to-end device, such as a Unified Communication Center or a Telephone Exchange with call routing, and create firewall solutions with the option to configure alarm triggers by IP or cell phone call, among others. All this comes in one single 1U device that is right sized in a customized manner for your solution.

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Embedded Gateway Key Features and Benefits

  • Modularity: 3 slots for the desired combination of:
    • 1 E1/T1 (30 channels)
    • 3G Six Band: 800/850/900/1700/1900/2100 MHz
    • 4 FXO (up to 12 FXO)
    • 8 FXS (up to 24 FXS)
  • Maximum of 46 channels per product
  • Up to 10 registrations in different VoIP carriers
  • 57 VoIP channels

Learn more about the characteristics of the UMG Modular 300 embedded in this device.

Internal Server Key Features and Benefits

  • Portwell WADE Mini ITX motherboard
  • Option of Intel Core i5 or i7 processors*
  • 4 GB RAM, expandable up to 16 GB*
  • Supports up to 4 SSD or HD SATA with several capacity options to choose from*
  • Raid support (0, 1, 5, 10)
  • Option of regular AC or DC power supplies*
  • 2 standard Gigabit Ethernet network ports, plus 1 optional*
  • 3 USB ports (1 in the front, 2 in the back)
  • 1 D-sub port (VGA)

* Optional items available at an additional cost.


  • Ideal to develop PBX or IP PBX solutions with an integrated gateway
  • Development of a security platform with a firewall and an alarm trigger by IP or cell phone call function
  • Call forwarding to lower cost routes
  • Unified Communications Center
  • Telephone exchange with call routing and routing by prefix


More integration and automation for the UMG Line

Aiming to offer additional features to the UMG lineup, Khomp developed UMG Tools, an Asterisk resource module that enables channel monitoring in the media gateway within Asterisk® interface. Learn more here.



Application Models

UMG Server Modular Pro Application model for Unified Communications development

UMG Server Modular Pro Application model for Unified Communications development


Access here the PDF file with information from UMG Server Modular PRO. Datasheet

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