UMG Server 104

Server with integrated E1/T1 gateway


The UMG Server 104 is an appliance that integrates a CPU (for general processing) and a media gateway (UMG 104 Inside). This architecture makes the UMG Server 104 a unique platform ideally suited for SIP solution developers who are looking for reliability and high performance hardware where to embed their PBX and IP PBX applications, call center dialers, among others, simply by pointing the application IP to the gateway.

It offers 30 E1/T1 and 30 VoIP channels, and it can make up to 30 simultaneous calls. It connects to up to 3 different VoIP carriers, allowing you to forward calls to lower cost routes, whether they are national or international calls, thus dramatically reducing expenses with telephony when compared to conventional rates. The processing of all signal convergence and call routing takes place in the gateway, thus freeing the motherboard processing capacity for exclusive use of the operating system and the application that will be installed onto the appliance.

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Embedded Gateway Key Features and Benefits

  • 1 E1/T1 link (30 channels)
  • 57 VoIP channels
  • Up to 10 registrations in different VoIP carriers
  • A user-friendly Web interface for configuring, monitoring and diagnosis

Learn more about the characteristics of the UMG 104 embedded in this equipment.

Internal Server Key Features and Benefits

  • Mini ITX motherboard
  • Intel Celeron J1800 dual-core processor 2.41 GHz 64-bits
  • 2 GB RAM Optionally with 4 GB or 8GB
  • Standard ATX power supply with 220/110 V selector switch
  • 3 Ethernet Gigabit ports for dedicated links to the carriers
  • 2 USB ports and 1 VGA port


  • IP PBX and PBX
  • Unified Communications Center
  • Customized telephony applications with E1/T1 and VoIP interfaces
  • Firewall


More integration and automation for the UMG Line

Aiming to offer additional features to the UMG lineup, Khomp developed UMG Tools, an Asterisk resource module that enables channel monitoring in the media gateway within Asterisk interface. Learn more here.



Application Models

UMG Server 104 - Integration model with E1/T1 and VoIP gateway with direct link to the carriers and embedded IP PBX application

UMG Server 104 – Integration model with E1/T1 and VoIP gateway with direct link to the carriers and embedded IP PBX application


Access here the PDF file with information from UMG Server 104. Datasheet

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