UMG 102

User Media Gateway with 1 E1/T1, 2 gateways Ethernet Giga and SAS


UMG 102 is a user media gateway ideal for small businesses who wish to enjoy the benefits of VoIP telephony using a low-cost, reliable device.

UMG 102 allows you to connect to a VoIP carrier, significantly reducing expenses with national and international calls, when compared to regular rates.

Some of the UMG 102 use cases include: you can interconnect all the internal extensions of a company, including the headquarters and branches all over the globe, so that workers can call each other over the Internet at zero cost; it can also be used by VoIP carriers who charge per minute, so as to make the services more professional; among others.

UMG 102 also ensures the continuity of your telephony communications when your IP PBX becomes unavailable by assuming its basic functions, such as making and receiving external calls, calls between internal extensions and call transfer. We are talking about the Survivability feature, an optional resource available for purchase.*


Key features and benefits

  • 30x E1/T1 channels
  • You can select the number of channels to match the telephony carrier
  • Up to 10 registrations in different VoIP carriers
  • 2x Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • User-friendly web interface for configuring, monitoring and diagnosis
  • R2, ISDN, and SIP signaling support
  • Supports up to 120 extensions in Survivability mode*
  • Transcoding between G.711 (A-law and μ-law) and G.729A codecs
  • SNMP support
  • Customizable billing through CDR
  • Route Failover – Keep Alive
  • ZeroTouch Provisioning – for automatic provisioning
  • Callback app – for economy and centralization of calls
  • SAS – Survival resource


* Optional feature – optional items are available at an additional cost.


  • Corporate use: ideal for call routing between headquarters and branches over an IP network
  • Use for VoIP carriers: it is recommended to provide services to subscribers
  • Call forwarding through lower cost routes
  • Call routing by prefix
  • Fidelization for carriers




Aiming to offer additional features to the UMG lineup, Khomp has developed the UMG Tools, an Asterisk resource module that enables you to monitor the media gateway channels from the Asterisk® interface. Learn more here.



Application Models


Integration with IP PBX systems


Integration with traditional PBX systems



Access here the PDF file with information from UMG 102. Datasheet

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