Server 300 DY

Convergent platform for telephony system


The Server 300 DY was designed so that the integrator can create his own product for the market of small and medium network and computer security solutions. The Server 300 DY has a switch with 3 programmable 10/100/1000 ports that give the integrator greater flexibility for proposed solutions.

Using the KSwitch application developed by Khomp, it is possible to program the switch in the Linux and Windows operating systems. The possibilities for configuration allow for the creation of VLAN networks with the option of marking packages for the network, making it possible, for example, to create visibility between the switch’s network ports, among other types of configurations.

The LCD that comes with the product supports the display of one or two line messages, with each line having a maximum of 16 characters. The display also has backlighting, which allows for visualization of the information in dark places.

With the Server 300 DY, the integrator can upload his or her own applications and operating system in order to develop a personal product, for example, the development of a firewall, based on a single piece of compact 1U hardware for a 19” rack, with modern design and an excellent cost-benefit relationship.

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Features and Beneficits

Typical Applications

  • Firewall
  • IP PBX
  • Gateway
  • Proxy
  • File server

Main Characteristics

  • Mini ITX Acrosser mother board
  • 2G DDR3L RAM memoryL
  • 1 2.5” 16G SSD HD
  • Gigabit network switch with 3 external ports
  • Set of front leds for monitoring interfaces

Internal setup of the Server 300 DY



  • Mini ITX mother board
  • 2G DDR3L RAM Memory
  • 1 2.5” 16G SSD HD
  • Gigabit network switch with 3 external ports
  • Programmable 16×2 alphanumeric display
  • External D-sub (VGA) video interface
  • 2 external USB 2.0 ports
  • Standard 1U Module for 19” rack
  • Dimensions: 437.8 x 44.45 x 380 mm
  • Full Range AC Power Supply

Optional Items*

  • 2,5″ SSD HD: 16GB, 32GB or 64GB
  • 500GB HDD
  • 2 GB memory additional (expandable to 8 GB)
  • Redundant power supply -48V DC

* Optional items at additional cost.


  • Compatible with Windows and Linux

Guarantees and Certifications

  • Factory warranty 1 year
  • Anatel Certification
  • ISO 9001:2008 Industry certified



Application Model



Download here the PDF file with information from Server 300 DY. Download datasheet

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