The MPE-FXS 240 protection module was exclusively developed for the EBS-FXS with the function of protecting the equipment from atmospheric discharges and voltage surges that could affect the equipment’s extension lines. With a compact design and coupled directly to the EBS-FXS, the equipment makes installation simpler and without visual pollution, dispensing with a series of connections and wires for the unit modules.


Features and Benefits

The MPE-FXS 240 counts on 3 protection stages with highly reliable technology:

  • Ultra-fast acting solid state parallel protection.
  • Protection in series with resettable fuses for decoupling the line.
  • Primary protection with multiple operation spark gaps.
  • Centronics 50-pin connector
  • Dimensions: 132 x 126 x 25mm
  • 1 year factory warranty




Download here the datasheet file with information from MPE-FXS 240.Download datasheet


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