Monitor Khomp

Telephony monitoring and performance analysis in real-time

Telephony monitoring and performance analysis in real-time

Monitor Khomp is a powerful tool for monitoring the performance of small and large telephony operations. It operates by analyzing data from the complete environment exclusively in real time, storing only the last hour of data.

Using call detail records (CDR) of a wide range of devices simultaneously, Khomp Monitor tracks a variety of call indicators such as network effectiveness ratio (NER) and call attempts per second (CAPS). All information is recorded and updated centrally, allowing for fast reaction to any change in telephony system features, reducing operational risks.


The main performance indicators monitored include:

  • NER (Network Effectiveness Ratio): rate of calls answered, unanswered, busy, etc.
  • CAPS (Call Attempts per Second).
  • ACD (Average Call Duration): average duration of answered calls.

ASR (Answer/Seizure Ratio): rate of calls that are successfully answered


Monitor Khomp

Dashboard – Monitor Khomp


Features and Benefits

Khomp’s Monitor offers you a significant overview of your entire call processing operations, including the effectiveness of your calls and performance comparisons, allowing you to optimize your monitoring process.

Monitor Khomp

Monitor Khomp


This tool allows you to create access groups, so that specific customers will only be able to view their own traffic data, and it can also restrict the visualization of data generated by a service or campaign with traffic of data through one or more Khomp gateways or over a specific network.

You can also set up triggers so that notifications are sent whenever the predefined rules are met. Example: when NER value in São Paulo drops below 70%, a notification is sent.

Monitor Khomp - Notifications

Monitor Khomp – Notifications

With this large amount of information about the operation and with a clear vision of its progress, decision-making becomes more agile, effective, and simple, thus reducing the paperwork and making it easier to identify new opportunities.


Main features of the Monitor

  • Software as a service (SaaS): Monitor operates on the cloud, eliminating the need for specific hardware and reducing its operational cost.
  • Monitoring of telephony systems, network links and the full line of Khomp gateways.
  • System performance analysis in real-time.
  • History of the last hour.
  • Users receive restricted access, enabling the analysis of data specifically for each customer.
  • Also available in OEM version.
  • Ideal for call centers, telephony carriers, and large corporations.




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