Encrypted tag reader hardware


Khomp’s Kit KRFID is a unique kit developed to allow you to implement a secure system with an RFID reader as part of your access control solution.

The KRFID reader identifies TAGs exclusively provided by Khomp and the KRFID board has a more secure authentication mechanism and a specific recording process that takes place at Khomp’s facilities. This system makes it even more difficult to clone tags and to use counterfeit tags, which increases the security and reliability of your access control solution.

The KRFID package includes the reader, a serial cable and a set of five TAGs; you can also purchase extra tags as needed or as your business grows.

The KRFID board is ideally sized to fit small to large devices. The board can be powered through the serial interface itself or through a Wiegand interface, eliminating the need for a dedicated power source. The identification data stored in the TAG is read by the RFID reader and then sent to the integrator’s solution through the serial and Wiegand interfaces simultaneously.

The KRFID solution is ideal for applications such as: access control devices for opening doors and gates, mechanisms for controlling the consumption of items and products in commercial establishments, and stock control systems.


Characteristics and benefits


    • Mifare* reader, 13.56 MHz, with private authentication mechanism
    • On-board PCB antenna
    • Mifare* Desfire EV1 tag, 13,56 MHz
    • Communication integration via serial and Wiegand interfaces

* Mifare is a proprietary technology that incorporates the AES and DES/Triple-DES security and encryption standards. DESfire EV1 supports 128-bit AES encryption.

Physical characteristics

  • External power supply via serial or Wiegand interface
  • 1x 4-pin serial interface
  • 1x 5-pin Wiegand interface
  • Board dimensions: 54 x 33 mm




Download here the PDF file with information from KRFID. Datasheet

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