ITG 200 Outdoor

An ideal telemetry gateway for covering outdoor environments


The ITG 200 Outdoor is an IoT gateway developed to operate in challenging outdoor environments, such as public roads, antennas and transmission towers, and large agricultural areas. Its technology focuses on communicating with wireless sensors through the LoRa® protocol, capturing data and sending it directly to a predefined application.

Among its main differentials, we highlight the high degree of protection, compatibility with the LoRaWAN™ protocol, management of internal and external NetworkServer connections, and the possibility of integration and data collection from various LoRa® endpoints.


Typical applications

The data sent by the LoRa® endpoints and collected by the ITG 200 Outdoor can be used for different types of applications, allowing the creation of numerous monitoring platforms, including:

  • Control of public lighting on poles across the city
  • Collection of meteorological data, such as rainfall, wind, air humidity and temperature, solar radiation, atmospheric pressure, UV and Lux indexes
  • Control of soil humidity and temperature for large agricultural areas
  • Water meter management in homes and condominiums


GSM Module — for better assurance in the sending of data

In the event of a failure in the Ethernet network, the GSM data module provides a fall back system, ensuring the delivery of information.



  • External protection with IP65 rating; optional external antennas with IP67 rating
  • Ethernet port to ensure availability in data transmission
  • GSM Module for two 3G SIM cards
  • Module for wireless communication with endpoints using LoRaWAN™ protocol


Optional Items

  • 3G data module for up to two SIM cards
  • Waterproof IP67 LoRa® antenna
  • Waterproof IP67 GSM antenna



Application model

Application model - ITG 200 Outdoor


Access here the PDF file with information from ITG 200 Outdoor. Datasheet

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