IP Wall Series

IP communicators for multiple uses

IP Wall – Serie 200

IP Wall – Serie 300

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    • IP Wall 201 – With 1 programmable key


  • IP Wall 301 – With 1 programmable key
  • IP Wall 312 – With numeric keyboard

External enclosure

  • Overlap Installation.
  • Plastic standard with 3 color options to choose:
    • DG – dark gray.
    • BC – bicolor
    • LG – light gray.

External enclosure

  • Overlap or embed Installation.
  • Standard brushed steel, single color.
  • Anti-vandalism structure.

Optional features

  • R – RFID
  • V – Video License
  • RV – RFID and Video License

Optional feature

  • V – Video License


  • Free standing: 182 x 204 x 35mm


  • Free standing: 182 x 204 x 35mm
  • Built-in: 220 x 136 x 54mm



The IP Wall is a line of panel IP communicators with onboard intelligence, efficient hands-free voice feature, and an optional video camera that serves as an electronic doorman, an intercom system for security or automation and even as an access control point. The IP Wall products can also be used in homes, offices, multifamily systems in closed buildings and condominiums, schools, intercom totems, parking lot gates, hospitals and many other environments.
Connecting like an SIP extension of a PABX IP or directly to another remote IP device, the products of the IP Wall line can be installed in either a local or remote network. The equipment has two contact relays for, among other things, opening up to two doors or other devices such as gates, or for turning lights or heating on and off, from any environment. Configuration of the IP Wall is done through a web server that is accessible with any standard browser.
With all these options , IP Wall shown an important tool in different integration scenarios via SIP , providing a wide range of integration , including possible additions to the IOT requests.

Features and beneficits

Typical Applications

  • Integrated electronic doorman via VoIP
  • IP wall telephone with communication between environments via SIP voice telephone calling
  • Automated control for operating devices
  • Intercom for security systems
  • Access control point for security system, including through programming of numeric passwords


  • Door opening by DTMF remote order command or SIP Notify
  • 2 Wiegand communication interfaces for connection with RFID readers
  • 2 dry contact relays for access control, allowing access from any PABX extension
  • Separate controls for microphone and speaker volume
  • LAN/PABX-IP SIP integration with internal WEB server for configuration
  • Access control operates as Stand Alone, SIP and using SQL database
  • Supports video calls* (See list of compatible cameras. Video support enabled through optional license)
  • Perfect integration with Asterisk®
  • Door open sensor

For installations with numeric keyboard

  • Dialing of numbers, permitting direct calls to the destination or accessing special resources on the PABX IP
  • Programming of passwords for access control

Technical Characteristics of the IP Wall Board **

    • Audio Codec supported: G.711a/u, Ulaw and Alaw
    • Video Codec supported: H.264 (Video support enabled by optional license)
    • VoIP Protocols used: SIP and RTP
    • Access control with Wiegand protocol support
    • DTMF Detection and generation (RFC 2833 standard)
    • Audio output power: 2W
    • Resistant to rain and water droplets (Protection level: IP66)

** The IP Wall Board is an integrant part of the IP Wall communicator and the IP Wall Kit.

Warranties and Certificates

  • Factory Warranty: 1 year
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified company


Application Models

Integrated scenery with IP Wall 201 and Endpoints for corporate environment


Integrated scenery with IP Wall 312 and Endpoints for condominium environment with local gatehouse


Cameras approved *

Grandstream GXV3611_HD, Grandstream GXV3672_HD_36, Grandstream GXV-3601_HD, Vivotek IP-8161, TP-Link TL-SC3430


Download here the PDF file with information from IP Wall - Serie 200. Download datasheet
Download here the PDF file with information from IP Wall - Serie 300. Download datasheet

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