Intelligent management of energy


The IED102 (Intelligent Electronic Device) was a part of the first line of devices designed by Khomp for companies that have a need for efficient management of electrical energy. The equipment collects consumption data through an ABNT-CODI serial communication port, which is then transmitted through an Ethernet or cellular (2G/3G) network.

The application is particularly well-suited for Group A entities, meaning large industrial enterprises with high volume of consumption that pay for voltage or corporations that are part of what is called the free market (that negotiate directly with energy suppliers). For these users, the IED102 delivers precise information on consumption spikes to facilitate the reduction of costs without slowing down production.

For Group B entities, captive consumers that pay usage charges, the IED102 adds the ability to manage energy and employ benchmarking between units within the same group.


Typical Applications

Brazil boasts the world’s second largest electrical power network. The IED102 sees this reality as an opportunity to put management in the client’s hands, providing more independence in a wide range of scenarios. See some examples:

  • Measurement by store in shopping centers for more accurate precision in determining consumption
  • More precise management of sources of consumption in residential and commercial condominiums


Main features

  • Reading of “user pulse output”
  • 2G/3G, Ethernet and MODBUS TCP Communication
  • Sends status via SMS
  • Remote firmware update
  • Watchdog that restarts the equipment in the event of power failure
  • Intuitive Web Interface for monitoring and configuration of parameters for the IED102TC device
  • Manufactured in-house
  • Nationwide support



MODBUS TCP: Standard industrial communication protocol, which provides fast transmission of data via Ethernet, facilitating communication between devices from different manufacturers.



Application Model


Acesse aqui o PDF com maiores informações sobre o IED102. Datasheet

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