Intelligent Public Lighting


Seeking to expand the technology available for use in Smart Cities projects, Khomp now offers photocells for public lighting in its IoT portfolio. Attached to the upper surface of fixtures, these devices use programmed dimmers, which allows for automatic diminishing or increasing of the intensity of lights according to the time of day in order to reduce energy consumption.

Using LoRa® communication, Khomp IoT Photocell models are also capable of measuring a variety of items, such as tension, current and electrical power factors. In addition, some modules go even further, reporting incidences such as power failures and power spikes. There are also models that incorporate a high level of intelligence with integrated GPS (facilitating location for maintenance) or accelerometer/ gyroscope (monitoring the inclination of the light fixture, in case of accidents or gusts of wind).

In their day-to-day operation, the photocells send the data collected to an ITG 200 Gateway and trigger a preconfigured setting in the integrator’s solution.

Model Description
ITP 100    LoRa® Photocell Endpoint basic version
ITP 101    LoRa® Photocell Endpoint with integrated GPS
ITP 110    LoRa® Photocell Endpoint with integrated gyroscope/accelerometer
ITP 111    LoRa® Photocell Endpoint with integrated GPS and gyroscope/accelerometer



  • Calculation of energy consumption
  • Calculation of cumulative electrical energy consumption (active and reactive) for the light fixture, independent from the central system
  • Light sensor, creating a system that is immune to sudden variations in lighting, lightning and headlights
  • Relay actuator that turns off the light fixture when the tension nears zero (ZCD), increasing the life of the product
  • Programmable dimming time (local programming)
  • Connectivity via LoRa technology and the LoRaWAN protocol, compatible with most networks
  • Geolocalization to facilitate maintenance (optional)
  • Reporting of breakdowns in light fixture installations (optional)
  • Nationwide support



Application Model

Application Model - Photocell


Access here the PDF file with information from IoT Photocell. Datasheet

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