pH Sensor

Identifies the acidity level in liquids


Complementing the LoRa® endpoints line, the pH Sensor, or NIT KA0708-LI, is an IoT device that identifies the level of acidity in a wide variety of liquids. Upon collection of the information, the sensor sends the environmental data to an Indoor or Outdoor ITG 200 Gateway, which triggers a preconfigured action. Among the more typical applications are for control of pH in lakes, ranches for raising livestock, chemical tanks and pools.



  • Transmission of data to the gateway via LoRaWAN™ protocol
  • IP68 protection grade (sensor)
  • IP20 protection grade (transmitter)
  • Dimensions: 4.37″ x 3.38″ x 1.61″ (111 mm x 86 mm x 41 mm)



Application Model

Application Model - pH Sensor

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