EBS Server Light

E1 phone system platform


  • EBS Server Light 300 with 1 link E1
  • EBS Server Light 600 with 2 links E1


EBS Server Light was developed in high technology, to handle small and medium-sized markets. Appliances of low cost, with capacity of 1 or 2 E1 links and support for R2D and ISDN signaling. For the equipment with 2 E1 links, it is also possible to use the Bypass module, contingency resource for hybrid solutions. It has a CPU for processing, creating a unique and sturdy telephony platform, which includes DSPs dedicated to treatment of critical telephony tasks and echo cancellation. These resources work together to provide a great call processing capacity, ensuring high quality audio. The equipment has compact hardware and can be installed in a 19” rack occupying 1U.

Belonging to the Appliances product family, the EBS Server Light is composed of the E1 interface and a CPU in which the integrator can load its application and Operating System. Gateway E1/VoIP, interface for call center or PBX, are examples, among countless others, are products which can be generated with the EBS Server Light.


Features and Benefits

EBS Server Light Inside

  • Module with 1 or 2 E1 links
  • Support for R2D and ISDN signaling

​Scheme of EBS Server Light inside


  • Acrosser with Dual Core 1.86GHz
  • 1 Gigabit Ethernet port
  • AC Full Range power supply
  • RAM memory of 2G DDR3 (expandable up to 4G)
  • 1 HD SATA SSD 16G
  • BNC and RJ45 connector for the E1s
  • Default 1U module for 19” rack
  • Dimensions: 432 x 44 x 185 mm

CODECs Handled

  • G.711, GSM, iLBC, DVI4, T-38, A-law e μ-law (maximum of 60 simultaneous codecs)

 Optional Items*

  • Extra memory of 2G DDR3

 *Optional items entail additional costs.


  • Compatible with Asterisk® and FreeSWITCH™
  • Compatible with API K3L Khomp

Warranties and Certifications

  • Manufacturing warranty: 1 year
  • Anatel Certification
  • Company certified by ISO 9001:2008



Application Model



Download here the datasheet file with information from EBS Server Light. Download datasheet

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