EBS Server 10

Server with integrated switch


  • Hardware with high performance and low cost;
  • Desktop enclosure;
  • Power supply: ATX with voltage selector switch 220/110V.



Khomp EBS Server 10 is a low-cost appliance composed of a 4 external port switch integrated to a high-performance, single hardware CPU, presenting a unique platform for the development of network and security applications, such as firewalls, proxies, and even file servers.

By using the network ports, you can connect up to 3 Khomp EBS devices with any combination of interfaces to create telephony applications, such as E1, GSM and VoIP gateways, PBX with analog interfaces or IP PBX, among many others. With this architecture, the EBS is able to perform all audio processing and telephony signaling requests, including echo cancellation for all calls simultaneously, freeing the EBS Server 10 to process the integrator’s applications and operating system. The ability to add telephony interfaces via external EBS modules allows the solution to have a low upfront investment and to gradually grow according to the business needs.

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Features and Benefits


  • Mini ITX CPU
  • 2 USB ports 2.0
  • 1 D-sub port (VGA)
  • 2GB RAM memory

Integrated Switch

  • Switch with 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 1 port for local network
  • Manageable switch with unique processing features for data management.

Ask to a Sales Representative for more informations about Switch Gigabit.


  • Windows
  • Linux (kernel version 3.10 or greater)

Optional Items

  • 1 module for the connection of RAM memory, with 0, 2, 4 or 8 GB options
  • 2 modules for connection for up to 2 SSD or HD SATA 2,5” drivers, with different capacities

Ask to a Sales Representative about the available options at the time of purchase.


Dimensions: 380 x 92 x 185 mm
Equipment status LED




Download here the datasheet file with information from EBS Server 10. Download datasheet

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