12 or 24 analog line recording external board for Soft PBX


  • EBS-FXO HI 120, with 12 analog recording interfaces
  • EBS-FXO HI 240, with 24 analog recording interfaces


The primary function of the EBS-FXO HI SPX is the passive recording (high-impedance) of PBX extensions or analog telephone lines in systems that use open code software. EBS-FXO HI SPX modules are connected in parallel with the channel, recording in a manner that is imperceptible to the user and without degrading call audio. It reports to the host the ring signal, inversion of polarity, audio events, answering and hang up of the call, without the need for integration with the PBX to begin and end the recording.

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Features and Beneficits

Typical Applications

  • High impedance recording
  • Telephone call monitoring

Main Characteristics

  • 12 or 24 high-impedance analog channels
  • DSP for processing of audio
  • Web interface for control, visualization and download of logs
  • Reports failure of physical call on the line
  • Compatible with open source soft PBX

Exclusive Resources of the EBS-FXO HI SPX

  • Network channels: 12 or 24 analog channels
  • Records in high-impedance without occupying a line (extension)
  • PBX protocols: flash recognition
  • Reports the answering and hang up of calls monitoring line tension
  • Line presence detection
  • Reports ring and inversion of polarity
  • Reports failure of physical call on the line

EBS family



Application Model



Download here the PDF file with information from EBS-FXO HI SPX.Download datasheet

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