1 or 2 E1/T1 passive external boards for Soft PBX


  • EBS-E1 HI 300, with 1 E1/T1
  • EBS-E1 HI 600, with 2 E1/T1


The EBS-E1 HI was designed for passive recording applications on E1/T1 links, offering an excellent cost-benefit relationship for high impedance recording application (telephone wire-taps).

The module is connected to the E1/T1 link in parallel with the PBX and the modem with two inputs (Rx / Tx) that receive the signals transmitted by the PBX and the modem. These two signals are mixed to allow for full-duplex recording of calls on each of the 30 channels on each link.

Features and Beneficits

Typical Applications

  • High impedance recording
  • Telephone call monitoring

Main Characteristics

  • DSP for processing of audio and signaling
  • Records in high-impedance without occupying a line (extension)
  • Reports failure of physical call on the line
  • Compatible with open source soft PBX

Exclusive Resources of the EBS-E1 HI SPX

  • Network channels: 30 or 60 high impedance E1/T1 channels
  • Recording in parallel, without interfering with the link
  • Network protocols: R2 Digital, ISDN
  • Uses 2 independent framers for reception of transmission signals from the modem to the PBX and from the PBX to the modem
  • Reports E1/T1 link error situations
  • Reports call monitoring events in R2D and RDSI signaling to the application, including number of A and B

EBS family



Application Model



Download here the PDF file with information from EBS-E1 HI SPX.Download datasheet

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