The CPE LTE K10 (Customer Premises Equipment) is intended for Internet Service Providers who wish to provide this kind of access to their customers, whether in domestic or commercial environments, over the LTE network. The device provides the service of a CPE LTE, i.e., it receives the LTE signal and distributes it over a wired or a Wi-Fi network, acting as a Wi-Fi router in the environment.

With a small footprint and a clean and stylish design, the CPE LTE K10 has 2 antennas, thus ensuring greater efficiency and expansion of the signal coverage area. Its configuration is ideal for homes or small offices with a need for high speed Wi-Fi connection, and it can distribute the signal to up to 235 devices connected to the network via DHCP.



  • LTE FDD or TDD Modem, with customizable frequency
  • LTE standard 3GPP v.9/10
  • Built-in Wi-Fi modem with:
  • 2.4 GHz band
  • 802.11b/g/n 20 MHz operating mode
  • Security Protocol: WEP 64/WEP 128/WPA Personal/PSK (TKIP)/WPA Personal/PSK (AES)
  • Firewall
  • Port Filter, URL, IP Address or MAC Address
  • DMZ
  • User-friendly WEB interface
  • Configuration wizard
  • Logs
  • IPv4 and IPv6
  • Bridge or Gateway mode

Typical Applications

Internet Services Providers (ISPs) who wish to expand their services by offering broadband Internet — and therefore computerization — over the LTE network to remote locations with no cabling.

This product was designed to offer quick setup and simplified installation, being delivered to and installed at the customer site.

Application models

In the scenario described next, the CPE LTE K10 receives the LTE signal from the ISP and distributes it at high speed via Wi-Fi for all the devices available in the environment, such as Smart TVs, Tablets, Notebooks, Smartphones, and IoT devices.


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