Converter Box

The converter box has a RJ45 female connector with input and output with four female RJ11 connectors. Thus, it converts four FXO channels (available in a single RJ45 connector from the plates KFXO-80, KFXO-40, KFXO-HI and KFXO-IP) in four RJ11 connectors.

RJ45 Cables

The RJ45 cable is composed of a network cable UTP type (can be in blue or white, depending on the quantity of supply) and male RJ45 connectors on both ends. It is used to connect the plates KFXO-80, KFXO-40, KFXO-HI and KFXO-IP converting to cash. This is a special cable for exclusive use in products of Khomp can not be used in an Ethernet network, the same way that a common network cable (patch cord) can not be used. Thus, the user can convert the FXO channel, available on RJ45 connectors of the boards mentioned above, in RJ11 connectors.


Features and Benefits

  • Conversion channels of FXO RJ45 to RJ11 connectors.
  • Use only for boards Khomp.
  • Compatible with the plates: KFXO-80, KFXO-40, KFXO-HI and KFXO-IP.


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