MPA | Monitoring of People and Assets (RTLS Technology)


The MPA Family, Monitoring of People and Assets, is a set of innovative solutions developed by Khomp that use RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) technology for an advanced level of tracking in internal environments The package of products includes: Badges/Tags and Anchors for facilitating management.

The potential of RTLS is so great that there are projects employing the technology all over the world in practically all vertical businesses: from hospitals to factories, and distribution centers to civil engineering. All areas that seek accuracy, precision, and the ability to quickly get information needed for agile decision making.


Some application scenarios


The primary reasons that companies use RTLS

The applications are unlimited, varying mostly in accordance with specifications of each segment. But some aspects are common to all: a pursuit for the physical integrity of collaborators and improved (and more digital) organization of inventory.


The following is a list of some of the reasons that companies have invested in RTLS systems:

  • To monitor and locate collaborators;
  • To control access in restricted areas or high-risk zones;
  • To avoid workplace accidents;
  • To monitor assets, such as mobile machines or machinery of great value;
  • To locate vehicles in large lots.


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ID Connect/Asset

A light, compact intelligent Device/Tag that was designed for locating or tracking people or assets. With the Connect/Asset ID in use it is possible to create alerts for non-authorized access, entries into high-risk zones, dangerous approximation to machines, and large gatherings, among others.

RTLS Anchors

The “anchors” are fixed devices, generally positioned on the ceiling, that serve as a reference for estimating the position of badges, tags or beacons. The average communication range for the badge/tag is 131 feet (40 meters), and each anchor can simultaneously monitor 50 Connect/Asset IDs.

MPA Local Server

A local server to securely store, centralize and organize all the data generated by the MPA devices (badges, anchors and tags/beacons and MPA Management).


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