UMG Tools

Higher integration and automation for UMG

Aiming to offer additional features to the User Media Gateway lineup, Khomp developed UMG Tools, a tool that integrates UMG and Asterisk®, and also provides enhanced automation, with dialplan and AMI commands. The tool is now available to customers.


UMG is a user media gateway, from Khomp media gateways lineup. It is a device that jointly works with Asterisk® to convert E1/T1 (ISDN and R2) and SIP telephony signaling protocols. It supports GSM, FXS and FXO technologies and is responsible for making the interconnection among digital, analog, mobile and IP networks.

UMG Tools

UMG Tools is an Asterisk resource module. It consists of a set of additional resources to UMG, which reinforces integration between UMG and Asterisk®. With those new resources, it is possible to manage more than one UMG simultaneously, read GSM modem signal strength, query information on E1 link and FXS branch status, as well as collect information on UMG channel status, through Asterisk CLI console, with no need to access KWebPortal.

Additionally, it also offers commands to be used by dialplan and AMI applications, which allows for enhanced automation when using UMG(s), such as developing workflows that trigger alerts based on logs associated with the channel status and/or error counters.

How does it work?

UMG Tools consists of a separate package, designed to be installed on a server running Asterisk®. After installation, the resource module will be available for loading on Asterisk®.

UMG tools key benefits:

  • Support to a remote server to receive UMG logs
  • Simultaneous management of more than one UMG
  • Commands for Asterisk® (CLI) console for queries:
    • E1/T1 link status
    • FXS extension status
    • Channel estate
    • Error counters
  • Dialplan commands to query UMG channel status
  • AMI commands for queries, remote log configuration, and UMG device automation.