kmg ms

The new Khomp Media Gateways line converges all your calls into a single gateway!


The Khomp KMG MS line innovates the media gateway global market by combining all telephony interfaces in a single device, in addition to the information security offered by the Khomp SBC. Designed to offer advanced features and increased calling capacity for large-scale solutions, the KMG MS line consists of five models: KMG 200 MS, KMG 400 MS, KMG 3200 MS, KMG SBC 90, and KMG SBC 750.

Telephony interfaces such as E1/T1, 2G and 3G GSM, FXO, FXS, and SIP can be added through external modules, allowing for gradual expansion of the operation. Each model has the capacity to handle different loads of simultaneous calls, up to 2,010 SIP SBC calls in the KMG 3200 MS model.