WebRTC application


In order to add value and new functionalities to their portfolio, Integrators can develop secure and innovative online customer service solutions based on a WebRTC application.

WebRTC is a framework that enables the real-time creation of applications directly in the Internet browser. RTC stands for Real-Time Communications.

To create a WebRTC application, you will use a JavaScript API that simplifies the integration with browsers. This way, browsers like Chrome and Firefox, among others, can execute applications in real time, without the need to install any additional plug-ins or other type of complementary programs. Applications such as Facetime, Skype, Google Talk and even IP phones are examples of the use of WebRTC.

With WebRTC, integrators can develop their own softphones, for example, fully integrated with the available Internet browsers, and they can create a “Contact us” button on their website for direct interaction with their customers.

The K3L API developed by Khomp allows for direct integration with browsers that support WebRTC, performing transmission of SIP signaling over WS (WebSocket) and WSS (WebSocket secure), with the audio being transmitted over RTP and RTCP, using both clear transports (UDP, TCP), as well as encrypted ones (SRTP).

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