OAMPT is the English acronym for Operation, Administration, Maintenance, Provisioning and Troubleshooting, and covers the entire set of software provided with the product.

The installation of drivers and API for Khomp products is done through an installation program that facilitates the implementation and updating of new systems. With this same package, Khomp also provides a variety of diagnostic tools, including signal analyzers, making it possible for problems to be diagnosed and resolved remotely.

With these resources, Khomp provides the integrator with all of the tools required for the implementation, expansion, operation, monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting of solutions based on its technologies.

KWeb Portal

Kweb Portal is a web system for remote monitoring, configuration and troubleshooting of Khomp products. KWeb Portal provides signal analyzers, integration with tools and redundancy products, SNMP integration for remote monitoring in real time, control of generation of detailed signal and functioning logs, and much more.