The telecommunications, security and access control markets have been gaining more prominence, however, each of them have their own products and solutions. The current scenario indicates the complete integration of all of these systems, creating intelligent telephony solutions that are more compact and easier to access. In this case, we can understand technological convergence as the search for single solution to meet a diverse range of needs in an accessible manner.

Integrators need solutions that are in accordance with the needs of their clients, which are significantly different from one scenario to another. The same is true of resellers, who need to have accessible solutions in their portfolios to offer small and medium companies.

Following this trend, Khomp’s portfolio includes versatile products that can be adapted to the individual needs of each client. Included in this range of products is the EBS line, which has connections for all telephony interfaces (E1, GSM, FXS, FXO and recording) while still functioning outside of the server, allowing for easy expansion of scenarios; and the Appliances line, with which the integrator can develop a specific product for his scenario.