Unified Communications

Better known by the acronym UC, Unified Communications are the consolidation of a trend toward the integration of processes for the simplification of forms of communication, reduction of response time, generation of information flow and optimization of business operations. With them, it is possible to do everything from a single interface, such as send SMS messages and make VoIP calls, for example. They facilitate the life of many collaborators at companies and condominiums, because they speed up activities, guaranteeing the efficiency of services rendered.

Following this trend, Khomp includes a complete line of media gateways in its portfolio that integrate with UC platforms. These gateways allow, for example, for calls made on an IP network through a UC interface to be forwarded to a public switched telephone network (PSTN), whether they are analog, digital, VoIP or mobile. They also allow GSM carriers to deliver SMS messages sent by UC interfaces, among other resources.

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