Simplified telephony, security and access control

The telecommunications, security and access control markets have been gaining more prominence, however, each of them have their own products and solutions. The current scenario indicates that there will be a complete integration of all of these systems, making solutions more compact and easier for the small and medium market to access, including companies and condominiums. In this case, we can understand technological convergence as the search for a single solution to meet a diverse range of needs in an accessible manner.

Following this trend, Khomp’s portfolio includes versatile products that can be adapted to the individual needs of each customer. Part of this array of products are the External Board Series (EBS) and the Appliances lines, which include models for all types of telephony interfaces (E1/T1, GSM, FXS, FXO, and recording) and a complete line of Endpoints for the integration of security and telephony access control features.

Developed to replace the traditional PCI and PCI-Express boards, the EBS boards are connected by an Ethernet cable to a standard network and operate outside of the server. This architecture allows for scalability for expansion of scenarios. The EBS line includes the EBS Modular model, which has 3 slots that allow for the combining of any telephony interfaces. With the intuitive API provided by Khomp with the equipment, the user can develop an NGN (Next Generation Networking) gateway application for conversion of calls at input or output of any or all interfaces, allowing for easy adaptability to any solutions exclusive to small companies and residential or commercial condominiums.

Another exclusive solution that serves small scenarios is the Khomp Appliances line. Developed based on the EBS Modular, Khomp created the EBS Server, which integrates an EBS Modular with any configuration of interfaces and a CPU for processing, creating a single platform for telephony for the development of solutions like PABX, PABX IP, gateway, recording systems, value-added platforms, URA, and DAC, among others.

Khomp’s Appliances line also includes the EBS Server PRO, which has the same structure as the previous model, but was designed for markets that require robust hardware. The integration with telephony interfaces is enabled by up to 8 modules from Khomp’s EBS line, making the EBS Server PRO ideal for scenarios that require expansion through other EBS models.

All models of the Appliances and EBS lines can be purchased in OEM mode, which allows the cabinet to be customized and shipped with the integrator’s brand.


Telephony and Access Control

In order to offer more opportunities to system integrators who develop solutions of this kind to their customers, Khomp has expanded its portfolio to include products with security and access control features and enablers, as well as home automation devices using SIP or GSM protocols.

Khomp’s SIP & GSM Endpoints portfolio includes VoIP devices that can be used as an electronic doorman, an IP wall telephone, as an intercom in security systems or automation, and even as an access control point, with card readers and RFID tag readers. These devices must be connected to a PBX system or a structured IP network to allow for communication. Because the communication is over IP, the SIP endpoints enable a wide range of security and remote automation applications, i.e., dispensing with the need to have a person physically present at the location.

In addition to the VoIP offering, the product line also includes a GSM device that enables access control management with no IP integration requirements, although it operates using the GSM connection. To know more about each of these devices and their applications, please click here.