Access Control

Indicated for locations that have restricted access areas, access control systems allow for control and identification of people and vehicles circulating in these areas. Applications for these systems are wide-ranging, being used by residents of condominiums or collaborators in an organization, as well as by the public frequenting these locations as visitors and service providers.

In addition to protecting the security of the physical assets of condominiums, process automation has been used by companies and condominiums as way to get better control of costs. Following this trend, Khomp has developed products that allow the implementation of an automated access control system. In environments where the VoIP telephony system is used, IP Wall is an IP communicator with embedded intelligence that can open doors, turn lights on and off, and activate and deactivate heating systems, still allowing a call from the door or gatehouse to be answered without requiring the physical presence of a human attendant, forwarding the call to a remote human attendant via IP call.

For other scenarios Khomp offers Mobile Intercom 101, a voice communicator that uses the GSM cellular telephone network for the communication between visitor and owner, wherever this one may be.