GSM Termination

The high charges associated with calls to mobile telephones and international calls pushed carriers all over the world to look for ways to offer their clients more attractive service packages. The alternative that carriers have found to attain this competitive advantage has been GSM termination, which allows them to manage call routing. This management is accomplished with a GSM gateway, which selects the telephone connection with the best cost-benefit relationship for each call.

In addition to providing savings with voice calls, GSM gateways also allow for the sending of SMS messages. Companies from a variety of segments have sought this type of service, including transportation companies communicating deliveries, medical clinics confirming appointments, or collection companies sending notifications. Taking advantage of this market opportunity, carriers can use GSM gateways to sell these corporations the service of sending SMS. Since gateways allow for the managing of routing, this service becomes valuable and attractive and its use is increasingly popular.

Following this trend, Khomp offers a line of media gateways and external boards (EBS) with GSM termination in its portfolio.