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PSTN and ITSP Interconnection

There are two types of licenses that allow carriers to become voice providers and operate in the telecommunications market: PSTN and ITSP.

PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network)

PSTN is fixed telephone service, which transmits only voice. It is characterized by the establishing of communication between two predetermined fixed points, and is divided into three types: local, domestic long distance and international long distance.

In order to operate with this license, some norms must be followed, the most important of which is the existence of an SS7 interconnection, which provides communication with other carriers. This makes it possible for calls to be made using any of the three modalities offered. To meet this demand, Khomp offers a family of media gateways which, in addition to allowing for an SS7 connection, handle the critical aspects of call signaling and routing.

With this license, a carrier possesses a range of valid, fixed numbers that it can offer its clients. Having acquired a number and with the right to portability, clients can choose the carrier they want to enter into a contract with, which fosters competition among carriers and a search for excellence in services provided.

ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Providers)

The telecommunications service that allows for the transmission, emission and reception of multimedia information, meaning data, voice and image. With this license, a carrier is allowed to provide: Internet access via radio waves, Voice over IP service, equipment leasing, VPNs, monitoring of alarms and cameras, and control of vehicular traffic, among other things.

With the exception of subscription TV service, fixed telephone, and radio broadcasting of sounds and images, an ITSP authorization allows for the provision of any type of telecommunications service, using any means and technologies.

When using this license, a variety of interfaces are required to provide multimedia communication. This is why Khomp offers hardware for this type of solution: GSM media gateway; EBS GSM, E1 and E1 with VoIP.