Robust convergence to the carriers’s core

When speaking of technological convergence, those in the telecommunications area frequently talk about convergence with a single connection for the supply of voice and data services. In this scenario, new technologies are being released to provide carriers with more competitive tools to make their products and services more attractive.

With the telephony carriers landscape in mind, Khomp considers the needs of each application and offers a complete portfolio for complex scenarios that require high resource density and processing as well as network security. The portfolio includes media and technology conversion devices, namely the KMG MS and the Kmedia gateways.

The KMG MS line innovates the media gateway global market by combining all telephony interfaces in a single device, in addition to the information security offered by Khomp’s SBC, with advanced features and scalability for the number of calls. Telephony interfaces such as E1/T1, 2G and 3G GSM, FXO, and FXS can be added through external modules, allowing for gradual expansion of the operation. Each model has the capacity to handle different loads of simultaneous calls, up to 2,010 SIP SBC calls in the KMG SBC 750 model. Management of all operations developed with the KMG MS takes place at the gateway itself, regardless of how many external modules are added to it.

For convergent applications in high density scenarios that use digital communication platforms E1/T1, STM-1, or SIP exclusively, Khomp offers the Kmedia gateway, which enables the routing of any-to-any calls between TDM and VoIP with transcoding. Conversion is possible on all TDM channels in the ratio of 1 SIP channel for each TDM channel through the use of Universal Codecs technology and carrier grade echo canceling on all channels, simultaneously.

The Kmedia 6400, for instance, is expandable up to 64 E1/T1 links and 2,048 VoIP channels in a single 1U device, eliminating the need to use extra servers for management and signaling processing. The expansion of channels is performed through software upgrade for every 16 E1/T1 links and every 512 VoIP channels. The footprint and power savings achieved with the use of a compact device such as Khomp’s Kmedia is impressive.

Both the KMG MS and Kmedia lines are supported by the exclusive INSIGHT!, a complete real-time data monitoring and analysis platform that operates in Cloud SaaS (Software as a Service) mode and clearly displays all traffic data generated by the operation gateways. A powerful time-saving tool for decision-making and troubleshooting.

Khomp also offers exclusive connectivity resources that allow for the creation of market facilities, such as proprietary stacks, web protocol analyzer, and call transferring in E1/T1, SIP and FXO, among other things.