Carriers by Khomp


Meeting the needs of PSTN, ITSP and CA carriers looking for excellence in their operations, Khomp offers a complete line of products that provide: PSTN/ITSP interconnection, SIP Trunking and convergence between TDM, VoIP and GSM interfaces. In addition, the line includes gateways with GSM termination and user gateways.

An important line for this type of application, Khomp media gateways include a wide range of protocols and variations, as well as transcoding capacity for practically every CODEC on the market. That’s why they are perfect for performing tasks such as:

  • Execute the interconnection between operators with SS7;
  • Call Routing by lower cost (LCR);
  • Provide digital trunks for businesses;
  • Offer VoIP interconnection to companies with legacy PBX.

Familiar to carriers through the high performance applications developed by its integrator partners, Khomp understands that for carriers, equipment suppliers should also be partners. That is why Khomp provides a technical team specialized in interconnection between carriers that is dedicated to assisting in the configuration and maintenance of equipment.


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