Companies from a broad range of segments have opted for corporate SMS service for communication with their clients. These include transportation companies communicating deliveries, medical clinics confirming appointments or collection companies sending notifications, among countless other possibilities.

In addition to being cost effective, the sending of text messages has proven to be an option with far reaching effects, since all that is needed is the client’s number, whether or not he or she is part of a social network or uses a particular application. Even with the migration of communication through applications, all mobile telephones are able to receive text messages, making corporative SMS a great niche to be exploited.

Taking advantage of this market opportunity, call center companies have been seeking technological alternatives to offer this type of service to their clients as well, expanding their businesses. Following this trend, Khomp offers a line of media gateways with GSM termination, capable of sending and managing SMS. Since gateways allow for the manging of routing, this service becomes valuable and attractive and its use is becoming increasingly popular.