TDM, VoIP, GSM and management

Call center companies saw a great ally in VoIP technology, one that could provide improvements to their structures and services, as well as affordable costs to their customers. Thus, many companies are already replacing their traditional telephony infrastructures with solutions based on the communication standards of the IP technology.

Among the main advantages of IP telephony are a significant reduction in the cost of telephone calls, since there is no distinction between local and interurban calls; mobility, because the telephone number is not associated with the residence of each user and is accessible anywhere there is an Internet connection; and a variety of resources and functions at no additional cost.

To perform this migration and take advantage of these benefits, it is necessary to interconnect VoIP networks with traditional TDM telephony carriers. To add value to call center solutions, this interconnection can be made with an LCR – Low Cost Routing resource, for example, for pre-handling of call output routes, which lowers telephone bills even more; and the exclusive Khomp resources of call classification and intelligent routing for managing calls in progress, which optimizes agents’ work time, among other things.

For this purpose, Khomp offers the EBS product line that has revolutionized the market. The EBS is connected to the local Ethernet network, eliminating the need for servers with special features. All interfaces, E1/T1, FXO, FXS, GSM, and VoIP, can be used in a modular way according to the need of the operation, but with configuration and management functions centralized in a single intuitive web interface.


Convergence with the mobile telephony networks

Another important integration is the convergence with the mobile telephony networks. Today there is a disproportionate number of users of cellular telephones versus fixed telephones, increasing the telephone bills for call center operations. On the other hand, the percentage of success in finding potential clients with calls to cellular phones is greater than those of operations that count solely on calls to fixed telephones.

To address this scenario, call center applications need hardware that can route cellular calls directly through GSM channels, making calls coming from certain mobile networks to cheaper mobile networks. And from there, use the resources for managing routes and calls for total control of costs of calls between the TDM, VoIP and GSM networks.

In this context, Khomp offers its entire line of KMG MS media gateways, with support for all telephony interfaces. To know more about this product line, please click here. And if all you need is to increase the density of cellular phone calls, then select models of the KMG MS line can be purchased with GSM-only interfaces. To read more about this, please click here.

The interconnection with a GSM network can also offer other benefits to call center solutions, such as SMS texting to offer new products or communicate important information (call register numbers or even billing information). To read more about this tool, please click here.


Centralized management

Finally, for the full management of complex scenarios, such as call centers, Khomp has developed the exclusive INSIGHT!, a complete real-time data analysis platform for all calls handled by a call center. Operating in Cloud SaaS (Software as a Service) mode, it eliminates the need for installation procedures and presents all the data of all the traffic generated by the operation gateways in a clear, simple, and intuitive dashboard. A powerful time-saving tool for decision-making and troubleshooting.